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Are you an adult who is just mastering driving?  If you're 25 or older, Greg's has a special driving practice package just for you.

Reduced MVA requirements for applicants over 25

MVA's practice requirements are reduced for new drivers over the age of 25.  The applicant must pass an MVA-certified Driver Education course and hold a learner's permit for at least 45 days.  (If you receive a speeding ticket or other violation while you have your learner's permit, MVA will impose an additional 9-month waiting period.)
You must also log at least 14 additional hours of home driving practice in order to be eligible to take the driving test to get your license.  This is where our optional Adult Driving Package can help.

Greg's Adult Driving Package

In case you do not have someone to drive with you for the additional 14 hours of home practice that MVA requires, our Adult Driving Package gives you those additional hours of practice in seven 2-hour lessons.
We'll cover entering traffic, controlling your lane position and speed, yielding and right-of-way, understanding traffic control devices, making turns, navigating intersections and traffic circles, merging on and off highways and all the parking techniques you'll need to pass your driving test.
We'll also include an additional 2-hour lesson that is focused exclusively on the MVA driving test.  During this bonus lesson, you'll practice the maneuvers for your test and visit the MVA with one of our instructors to observe driving tests in person.
This optional package for adult drivers includes the 14 hours of additional driving practice plus the 2-hour bonus lesson, all for a special price of $800.00.  That's a savings of 15% off our standard hourly rate. 
To sign up for the Adult Driving Package or get more information, please contact us.

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