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With a new driver in the family, you may have questions about auto insurance requirements for teen drivers.  You may be wondering how this might affect your existing insurance policy.
Greg's Driving School has partnered with Safeco Insurance to provide customized auto insurance coverage especially for families with new drivers.  To speak with a licensed agent about your insurance needs, call (888) 828-0872.  You can also obtain an insurance quote online by using the “Get a Quote” feature to the right.

Here we will address some of the most common questions that parents have when contemplating insurance issues with a new teen driver in the family.

If my teen doesn't have their own separate car, do I still need to add him or her to my insurance policy?
Generally speaking, yes.  If the new driver lives in your house, most insurance policies require you to add all drivers in the household onto your policy.
Some insurance companies require the driver to be added to the policy when they first obtain their learner's permit, while other carriers require it only after the driver is licensed.  Check with your local agent to find out the proper timing for adding the new driver to your policy.

Can I save money by getting a separate policy for my teen driver?
In most cases, the combined cost of the 2 separate policies would be more than the cost of a single policy that covers the whole family.  For example, your existing policy might offer certain discounts that your teen driver's separate policy would not offer.

When adding a teen driver to my policy, how will this affect my insurance rates?  Is there anything I can do to lessen the impact on my insurance premiums?
Teen drivers tend to experience crash rates much higher than more experienced drivers, so this can result in higher premiums due to the costs of insuring teen drivers.
The good news is, there are several ways you can help hold down the premium costs for your teen driver!  Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Some insurance carriers offer discounts for students with good grades in school, as studies have shown that these students have fewer crashes.  You can ask your agent whether a “good student” discount may apply to your teen driver.
  • If your teen driver is away at school or out of town, and does not drive regularly while away, your insurance company may offer a “distant driver” discount or “resident student” discount.
  • Your insurance company may offer a safe-driver discount if the car is regularly driven in a safe manner.  This type of program requires the installation of a speed monitoring device in the vehicle, and the insurance carrier then evaluates the driver's habits to determine eligibility for the discount.
  • If your teen drives a separate car which is older and less expensive, you can adjust your policy to reflect this.  You may be able to reduce your premiums by excluding collision and comprehensive coverage on the teen's older vehicle, and excluding the teen as a driver of your other vehicles.
To ensure that you're getting the best value for your insurance premium, you can speak with an agent who offers coverage tailored especially to families with new drivers.  Call (888) 828-0872 to learn more about auto insurance especially for Greg's students, which is offered through our partnership with Safeco Insurance.
Insurance policies are administered by Creative Insurance Solutions of Potomac, Maryland.

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